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  1. unclefather:


An accurate representation of tumblr right now

october is here
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  4. kingsleyyy: I wish we were like phones and could plug ourselves into walls to recharge because I am at like 2% right now.

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  5. spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace:

I read the tweet, and then I read the username.
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  6. The Johnsons of Black-ish aren’t the new Huxtables.

    rafi-dangelo: Bill Cosby made a show about a family who happened to be Black.  Black-ish is about a Black family, and fully understanding the difference between the two probably has a huge bearing on whether or not you like the show. I just watched the pilot again, and it’s a lot better the second time.  Check it out: Read More

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  11. whatismgmt: Do u ever wanna punch urself in the face for procrastinating and ruining ur life (via pulpangst)

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  14. space-pics:

Technology is radhttp://space-pics.tumblr.com/
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  15. "I think you should stop taking those medications! Why don’t you try just eating healthier?"

    lifeofacrohnie: (via whatshehassaid)

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